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Downloads/Files/Slice Skin Mods

These files can all be downloaded here: [1]

Files list (Add-ons)

1. TuneIn Radio plug-in (internet radio stations). Filename:

2. Genesis plug-in (movies, tv shows). Filename:

3. BBC iPlayer plug-in, recommended by forum member Bleep. [2] Will only work in the UK. File name:

Files list (Skins)

1. Slice skin modded to use Arial Font (for extra character sets). Filename:

2. Slice skin modded to add extra user-created skins. Filename:

File updated: 24/10/15. Includes all the Slice skins, plus:

RollingThunder (thanks to forum member Oranad)

Rolling wiki.jpg

Daenerys (courtesy of DeviantArt) [3]

Daenerys wiki.jpg

Escape (courtesy of DeviantArt) [4]

Escape wiki.jpg

Harbour (courtesy of DeviantArt) [5] (added 24/10/2015)

Harbour wiki.jpg

Sources of further information

The Slice User Forum [6]

Discussions, troubleshooting, tips and tricks etc.

SliceOS GitHub [7]

The bug tracker for Slice development.

The Slice Kickstarter Campaign [8]

Where it all began...

FiveNinjas [9]

The developers' website, includes a Slice shop.

FiveNinjas Video Site [10]

Contains tons of useful How-To videos for those who prefer to watch as they tweak.

The Kodi Wiki [11]

Wide-ranging wiki for all things Kodi.

The OpenElec Wiki [12]

Wide-ranging wiki for all things OpenElec.

The [13]

One of the TV show scrapers in Kodi, searching this site gives guidance on how each TV show should be organised.