Installing addons and skins

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How to install Add-ons

This section describes how to install add-ons [1] - these add functions and services not included with Slice. There are official add-ons supported by Kodi, and unofficial which are most definitely not! IMPORTANT - exercise caution before installing unofficial add-ons. These are not supported in any way and may cause issues. Many are also illegal in many countries - this wiki does not support or condone the use of such add-ons and will NOT provide information or assistance in obtaining them!

Add-ons are packaged in two ways:


These are multiple add-ons contained in one 'pack' - accessing a website is often required. Many provide installer packages but NOTE - if the website you are accessing has tons of pop-up ads, exercise extreme caution!

Single add-ons

Usually in the form of a zip file. Download onto your pc and save onto a USB thumb drive. DO NOT open the zip file! Insert the drive with the zip file into the spare USB slot in your Slice. After a few moments Slice will recognise the drive.

Goto: Setup -> Add-Ons -> Add-on manager -> Install from zip file

Follow the onscreen instructions. Depending on its category it will appear in one of the following sections:

Video add-ons

Music add-ons

Picture add-ons


For a good example of a single add-on, the original author recommends the TuneIn Radio plug-in [2].

The TuneIn Radio zip file can be downloaded here [3] - (600K size).

The Genesis add-on (contains links to movies and TV shows) is available here [4] - (12MB size).

How to install skins

CAUTION - installing any other skin than the original may cause unintended issues - they have not been designed to work with Slice!

Select: Setup -> XBMC Settings -> Appearance -> Skin

At the time of writing, Slice ships with its own skin as well as Confluence, a very popular Kodi skin. To install others from the official repository, select <Get more...>

To install an unofficial one, download the zip file to your pc and save to thumb drive.

Go to the <Add-on manager> in the Setup>Add-Ons menu and select <install from zip file>.

How to install screensavers

CAUTION - installing any other screensaver than the originals may cause unintended issues - they have not been designed to work with Slice!

Select: Setup -> XBMC Settings -> Appearance -> Screensaver

Click right arrow on remote.

Click <Get more...> to see a list from the official repository.

For more (unofficial) screensavers, download the appropriate zip file and follow the directions above in the section #How to install skins.